2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Pemphigus and Plummer-Vinson Syndrome: An Uncommon Association

Marwa Asermouh, Chaimae Ait Khabba, Sektaoui Soukaina, Sabrine Derqaoui, Znati Kaoutar, Mariame Meziane, Nadia Ismaïli, Laila Benzekri, Karima Senouci

Page: 8-12

Case Study

Bupivacaine-induced Nicolau Syndrome during Spinal Anesthesia: A Rare Presentation of Two Cases

Abhishek Kumar , Shivani Varshney , Astha Lalwani Rastogi , K. S. Dhillon , Shubhra Aggarwal , Yash Goel , Prithpal Singh Matreja

Page: 43-47

Bullous Wells Syndrome Responsive to Low-Dose Dapsone: A Case Report

Ralfi Singer , Ömer Özdemir, Selver Özekinci

Page: 48-52

Original Research Article

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis; Treatments of Thoracoscopic Surgery

Bayrakçi Onur

Page: 1-7

The Impact of Libyan Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis on Their Families

Narges Ibrahim Shoaib, Gamal Ahmed Duweb

Page: 13-21

Epidemiology and Treatment Aspects of Hair Loss in India – A Cross-Sectional, Multicentre, Database Study (HAILO)

G. Monil , M. Snehal, Krishna C. Veligandla , R. Rahul , D. Gauri , K. Bhavesh , S. Snehal

Page: 22-32

Acne and Regular Menstrual Cycles: A Study of 100 Libyan Females

Tarik S. Enaairi , Hawa M. Abduljalil , Gamal A. Duweb

Page: 37-42

Bacterial Dermo-Hypodermatitis (BDH) in Ziguinchor (Senegal): A 2-Year Review

Boubacar Ahy Diatta , Mory Gueye, Marie Antoinette Daba Dione , Pie Nibirantije , Diama Sakho , Noël Magloire Manga , Ansoumana Diatta , Patrice Mendy , Alioune Badara Diouf , Niang Suzanne Oumou

Page: 53-59

Infectious Dermatoses in Ziguinchor (Senegal): Epidemiological, Clinical and Evolutionary Particularities

Boubacar Ahy Diatta, Meriam Salim , Diama Sakho , Maxime Manga , Marie Antoinette Daba Dione , Pie Nibirantije , Patrice Mendy , Noël Magloire Manga , Ansoumana Diatta , Niang Suzanne Oumou

Page: 60-67

CD117 Positive Cells Significantly Exist in Immune-targeted Follicles of Alopecia Areata

Keroles N. Gendy, Amal T. Abdel-Rahman, Manal Y. Gabril, Sherif S. Awad

Page: 82-89

Prevalence of Telogen Effluvium in Egyptian Women with Post Covid 19 Viral Infections Compared to Post-Partum Telogen Effluvium

Hamed Mohamed Abdo , Ahmed S. Kadah , Ahmed H. Nouh , Maged Elsheikh , Hamza Mohammed Saqaan , Marwa Said

Page: 95-101

Comparative Analysis of Dermoscopy and Histopathology in the Diagnosis of Melanocytic Lesions in Bangladesh

Shaila Ahmed, Imrose Mohit, Aminur Rashid, Mahmudur Rahman

Page: 121-128

Cutaneous Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus at Tertiary Health Facilities in Nigeria

F. U. Agu, C. E. Ijioma, F. U. Ogunnaya, A. C. Amuta , U. J. Ogbonna, J. E. Areh, J. E. Odarah , O. Austin-Jemifor, C. C. Ezugwu, I. O. Abali , A. I. Airaodion

Page: 129-144

Evaluation of Quality of Life in Patients with Melasma Using MELASQOL Scale

Vaishnavi G. Hegde , Amburaj E., Binod Kumar Mahato

Page: 145-152

Review Article

Paronychia Its Diagnosis and Current Potential Treatment-based Management: Brief Schematic Review

Yash Srivastav, Nutan Shrivastava , Madhaw Kumar

Page: 112-120

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